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French Muslims Condemn ISIS’ Horrific Acts Against Religious Minorities In Iraq And Syria


France’s leading Muslim leaders have joined together to condemn the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s (ISIS) horrific acts of mass killing, torture and displacement of religious minorities in Iraq and Syria.

French Muslims condemn ISIS
French Muslims condemn ISIS

The leaders, in a “Paris Appeal” issued earlier this week, at the Grand Mosque in the French capital, said: “Barbarians are perpetrating the worst crimes against humanity and now threaten people, [as well as] stability and peace among the people of the entire region.”

“The signatories unequivocally denounce the terrorist acts that constitute crimes against humanity, and solemnly declare that Islam does not advocate such groups, their supporters and their recruits. These actions from another age, calling for Jihad and reckless campaigns indoctrinating the youth are not true to the teachings or of Islam,” the statement added.