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GAZA: A Priest Tells Latest Happenings In The City


GAZA CITY: A Priest tells about the latest happenings in Gaza as he chooses to stay in the city amid missile strikes, terror and deaths.

GAZA- Catholic priest choses to stay
GAZA- Catholic priest choses to stay

Argentinean priest Father Jorge Hernandez, pastor of Holy Family Parish in the Gaza strip has opted not to flee and staying in Gaza with his parishioners regardless of three missile strikes near his parish earlier this week.

 In an online statement he told the dire situation in Gaza saying, “Crime is on the rise. Little children are getting sick from fear, stress, shockwaves and the continuous noise. Parents are doing everything possible to distract them so that this crude violence does not overwhelm them.”

Father Hernandez, shared his testimony of miraculous survival saying, “Today, Sunday, we were able to celebrate Holy Mass, thank God, with seven nuns and five brave men. Apart from that, it’s all edifying given the circumstances.”

He went on to say, “What’s certain is that crime is rising. That’s what is happening here.” Regardless of this, “we are well,” he added. “There are some people who have thanked us for our presence here. They tell us every once in a while: ‘You are not going to abandon us, are you?’”