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Geneva Convention travail: Federal Minister for Human Rights expounds the plight of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers


Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael during the Geneva Convention sessions has raised the issue of the quandary of the marooned Pakistani Christians seeking asylum abroad. Thousands of Pakistani Christians have fled from their homeland and are now seeking to restart their lives in other countries.

Kamran Michael raises the issue of Pakistani Christian asylum seekers

In a message recorded in Geneva Federal Minister said that, besides briefing the attendees about the situation of human rights in Pakistan he also took the opportunity to raise the issue of the marooned Pakistani Christians who had been in left high and dry in the host countries while the UN continues to ignore their plight.

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While addressing the conference at the UN Office in Geneva, Switzerland he briefed the dignitaries who had flew in from across the globe that there is an inevitable need to look into the matter before it augments into a humanitarian crisis. “I took this opportunity to talk about the Pakistani Christian asylum seekers stranded in Malaysia, Thailand and Sri Lanka.”

“Previously in March, I had also discussed the matter with Ban Ki-Moon, and this time also I discussed the issue with international leaders who were present at the conference. I am hopeful that my efforts will bear fruits as I will stand by my brethren who are abandoned in other countries.” He further added that I had tied to my utmost capabilities to cash on the opportunity in order to seek help for the down and out Pakistani Christians.