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Germany: A church converted into a house to provide shelter to about 50 Muslim refugees


German Church

A Church in Germany converted into a house in order to provide shelter to about 50 refugees.

Followed by a decision to convert the church, on the outskirts of Oberhausen in the Ruhr valley; into a house an extensive public uproar barred the process. Previously, Sunday services were suspended, so that the church could be converted into a house; which actually cause agitation among local community.

This is the first church which has been reserved; to house refugees ever since, the refugees started pouring in Germany. The local community, expressed anger when the church was being emptied out, while in a process of being converted into a refugee house.

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As soon as the news spread, the local community residing in the outskirts of Oberhausen in the Ruhr valley, became agitated and started pressurising the church authorities along with the city officials to revoke the decision.

However, the locals have been grappling with another fear, regarding the security and safety when the Muslim refugees would come in the area. Moreover, they are fearful that this influx might cause a sharp rise in the prices of houses in the locality. One man, complained during a meeting in the church held just a day after the refugees arrived said that he fears that his new Mercedes car might get scratched.

However, after a month when Muslim refugees arrived in the locality and started settling down in the church converted into refugee house, the locals are now beginning to welcome the refugees, which include 20 children who are now residing in the church.

“Initially, there was fear among the neighbours and I don’t exclude myself. I have two small children and of course I was worried about what was going to happen here,” said one of the locals.