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Germany: A newly converted Christian refugee attacked by an Afghan refugee


A Christian refugee attacked by Muslim

An Iranian Muslim refugee who converted to Christianity in Germany, beaten severally by another Muslim refugee.

According to details, an Iranian refugee was attacked in a refugee camp in Germany. The officials in Hamburg-Eidelstedt, Germany, stated that investigations about the incident are under way. They further revealed that “it took between 15 and 20 people to pull the attacker away.”

It is believed that the former Muslim who converted to Christianity revealed his conversion to some Afghan migrants. A German newspaper, Die Welt has verified the news that this man informed Afghan refugees about his conversion to Christianity. It was shortly, after he informed these Afghan refugees that an Afghan refugee beat him violently with a club. The attacker was yelling that his conversion was a “sin.”

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It has been believed that the attacker was one of those refugees whom the newly converted Christian refugee had informed about his conversion to Christianity. Incidents of this kind have become common in refugee camps; previously some incidents of Muslim refugees harassing and attacking Christian refugees have been aired already.

Keeping in view, recent conflicts in the refugee camps, a study was conducted in the refugee camps. Earlier this month, the findings of this study were published which portrayed a dismal picture that conflict is part of everyday life for the incumbents of these refugee camps and it is more likely to increase instead of receding.

The researcher found that “Religious tensions, were the ‘ultimate and primary cause’ of violence in German refugee camps. “Violent behaviour and aggressive verbal confrontations, threats or insults and serious damage to property were very commonly reported, indicating they are part of everyday life in the hired accommodation.”

There are reports of similar incidents on regular basis, which match the findings of this report. The conflicts in the refugee camps in Germany are stimulated by religious tensions and are occurring frequently.