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Germany: A Pakistani father kills daughter who brought “dishonour” to him


Honour killing

A girl killed by her father who said, she brought dishonour to the family.

According to media reports, a Pakistani man namely, Abdullah Khan has murdered his murdered his 19-year-old daughter Laraib Khan. This is a case of honour killing, as Abdullah killed Laraib by strangling her to death consequent to the information that she had a relationship with a boy whom he did not accepted.

51-year-old Pakistani Asadullah Khan, who has been living in Germany with his family has confessed before the court in Darmstadt, Germany to have killed his daughter for family’s honour. He stated that his daughter had brought dishonour to his family. He revealed in the court that it was because his daughter Laraib had an affair with a boy and he wanted her to marry according to his choice in Pakistan.

Abdullah Khan and his wife Shazia Khan are on trial for murder of their daughter Laraib at State Court in Darmstadt. His wife Shazia claimed that she had been oppressed by Abdullah; and so was unable to save Laraib from the clutches of Abdullah.

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It has been reported that the couple after killing Laraib, clothed her and transported her death body from their department in Darmstadt, in a wheelchair to their car. Abdullah and Shazia discarded her death body in an isolated mound in the town.

Shazia Khan further stated, “Laraib stayed away from the home for several nights in a row and stopped wearing the headscarf. One day we received a letter from the police saying she had been caught trying to steal condoms. At this point it became clear that there was sexual contact. When I showed the letter to my husband he snapped.”

Shazia Khan further stated before the court that “I have rheumatism and didn’t have the strength to fight him off. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t stop him.” However, their other daughter has negated the statement of Shazia saying,“My Mama was not suppressed, she could do what she wanted. She used to hit me with a stick. We were never allowed to talk about her boyfriend. My father used to say my sister should be forcibly married in Pakistan.”