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Germany: Christian refugees are facing harassment in refugee camps


refugees in Germany

Christian refugees in refugee camps in Germany are being forced to undergo “harassment,” an Orthodox priest has revealed.

According to details, Hegumen Daniil – an Orthodox priest from St George the Victorious Monastery in Gotschendorf in Germany, has raised the issue of the Christian refugees in the refugee camps. He said these Christian refugees are being subjected to harassment.

Hegumen Daniil along with few other Christian leaders have joined hands to create awareness about the plight of the Christian refugees in Germany’s refugee camps. “Christian refugees from Syria, Eritrea and other countries are exposed to humiliation, manhunt and brutal harassment at the camps for refugees by Muslim neighbours.”

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For this reason, Daniil wrote a letter to Peter Altmaier- the Federal Minister for Special Affairs and Head of the German Federal Chancellery. The letter says, “The cases when humiliation comes to injuries and threats of death are frequent.”

Hegumen Daniil maintained in his letter that those who had converted to Christianity from Islam are the ones who are at great risk. He claimed that out of fear of reprisal from the Muslim refugees in the camps, majority of the converted Christian refugees are forced to sleep outside the camps because they fear being killed inside.

Hegumen Daniil said that “Many Christians who came from the Middle East are suffering from such a strong harassment that they want to come back home, because their situation there seems to them a lesser evil as compared to the circumstances at German refugee accommodation centres.” He urged the concerned authorities to make sure that the police takes action in order to protect the Christians and Yazidi refugees in the refugee camps.