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Germany: Christian refugees hide bibles in consequence of death treats from fellow refugees


Christian refugees in Germany are being pestered by the fanatic refugees in the camp. Some of the religious groups are claiming that Christians are being treated as “unclean” by some of the fellow refugees. There are reports of sporadic burst of violence in the refugee camps which harbor the Christian and Muslim refugees. There are reports of Christian refugees hiding bibles fearing aggression from fellow refugees.

Christian refugees in German camps

In recent times, the Christian advocacy groups are warning that the situation in the refugee camps is becoming precarious and worsening day by day. There are reports of Christian refugees being threatened and have had their bibles ripped up by fellow refugees.

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As a result of the deterioration, the German authorities had already relocated about 14 Iranian Christians from a refugee camp near the city of Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, following death threats hurled at them by fundamentalists. Furthermore, Christians living in a camp in Bielefeld, received death threats should they not relinquish Christianity.

While remarking in this regard, Pastor Mahin Mousapour who hails from the Persian Father House community. He himself had converted to Christianity about 25 years ago. He claims that there were many non-Christian refugees who regard their Christians hosts “unclean” and “impure than dogs.”

She said that situation is extremely alarming for the Christian refugees residing in the refugee camps. “I love Muslims. But many Muslim refugees say that all Christians are unclean. During the period of Ramadan, it was particularly disastrous. The victims are afraid of revenge or of losing their asylum status if they complain.”