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Germany: Christian Refugees to be Accommodated Separately After Clashes with Muslims in Asylum Centers



Stuttgart, Germany’s officials are working to provide better and separate accommodation for Christian refugees after several violent clashes between Christian and Muslim refugees in asylum centers.

Stuttgart’s city council voted to have 30 Middle Easter Christian immigrants transported to a new asylum center after they clashed with Muslim immigrants staying in the same area.

The decision to move the Christians came after a petition with 17,000 signatures demanding the Christians be protected, reporting claims of Bibles and crucifixes being vandalized, amid other stories of discrimination.

‘We call on the city to make it possible for them to have a communal place for Christians and protect them from further threats and attacks which they are suffering in the central gathering place for asylum seekers,” the petition said.

There have been many reported cases of clashes between Muslim and Christian refugees living in asylum centers in Germany.

“There have been complaints of sexual harassment and chatting-up going on in this swimming pool […] by groups of young men, and this has prompted some women to leave (the premises),” Markus Schnapka, who heads the social affairs department in Bornheim, told BBC News earlier this month.

According to German newspaper Die Welt, the violence toward ethnic minorities, religious minorities and women continues to skyrocket across German asylum centers. Muslim men tear up Bibles and assault Christians, sexually abuse women and children, and beat up homosexuals. The news has led to calls from human rights campaigners to say enough is enough.

In Stuttgart a case of abuse toward an Assyrian Christian by a Muslim roommate led to the aforementioned petition.

Martin Lessenthin, CEO of the International Society for Human Rights also commented on the systematic persecutions of Christians all across German asylum homes. He said it was common to see both Christians and Yazidis subject to torment and beatings and while it is not desirable to accommodate migrants separately, it may be inevitable for the safety of the minorities.

Separation of migrants has been a policy when it comes to extremely vulnerable minorities. Yazidi girls who were used as sex slaves by the Islamic State are housed in secret locations in Germany so as not to attract unwanted attention from migrants sympathetic to the Islamic State or Muslims who view them as nothing more than sexual objects. A purported 1,100 of these women live in various special shelters across Germany.

Some have criticized Germany’s Angela Merkel in her policy towards refugees being too lenient but in a recent press conference, Merkel assured that the refugees would be leaving Germany after issues in their countries are resolved.