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Germany: Migrants in refugee camps coerce Christian migrants to take part in Islamic prayers


Muslim migrants in the refugee camps in Germany, are forcing the Christian migrants to offer Islamic prayers, while heaping threats on those refugees who has converted to Christianity. These startling discovery was made by a charity organization Open Doors Germany which carried out a study in order to observe the circumstances of Christian refugees in the camps.

Christian migrants in German refugee camps

In line with the study, about half of the total 231 Christian refugees, who were questioned during the study said that during their stay in the reception centers or refugee camps, they have been bullied or harassed by their fellow Muslim migrants or guards. As a result, the Open Doors Germany is calling upon the German authorities to keep the Christian refugees in separate areas, so that their safety and well-being is ensured.

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Open Doors Germany wrote in the report: “Discrimination and violence against Christian refugees in refugee centers happens far more frequently than this testimony. Although media, religious leaders and assistants and human rights organizations, many note the increasing number of documented assaults by Muslim refugees and security personnel in the accommodation, policymakers have generally not taken sufficient measures to protect the Christian minority.”

The report highlights an instance in Berlin, when Christian migrants were threatened by the other migrants who were forcing them to take part in the Islamic prayer with other migrants from Afghanistan and Iran mainly. This incident was confirmed by a Church leader, who narrated this incident.

Adding to the quandary of the Christian migrants, the Muslim guards at the refugee camps and detention centers are also involved in harassing or threatening the Christian migrants while the incidents of violence against Christian migrants are sometimes not documented accurately by the Arab translators.

Ever since the refugee influx hit Europe, tens and thousands of migrants have poured into Germany. Over the period of last one year, Germany’ authorities have been struggling to deal with the refugee crisis. Last year, about 1.1 million migrants entered the German borders, from the war torn Middle East and North Africa. Germany opened doors to these migrants, as German chancellor Angela Merkel refused to limit the intake of refugees. Since the turn of year, the flow of pouring in of refugees has slowed down.