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Germany: Pakistani refugees get engaged in a clash with Albanian refugees, 14 injured


Refugees crisis in Europe

The gush of refugees pouring into Europe where everyone of the thousands upon thousands include not only Syrian, Iraqis, Afghanis, Africans but also Pakistanis.

According to media reports, Germany which has become the favourited hot spot for refugees as German Chancellor Angela Merkel favoured taking in refugees. Surprisingly, among these refugees are Pakistanis also.

A German news agency DPA claims that a fight broke out between Pakistani and Albanian refugees at a refugee camp in Germany. DPA further presented details that it was at just about mid-day on Sunday September 27; when it was mealtime when an quarrel erupted between a youngster and an elderly refugee who were housed at a refugee camp near the inland German city of Kassel.

Soon after this small scale dispute, larger groups hailing from Pakistan and Albania got engaged in severe clashes which lasted for several hours. DPA further reported that the clashes were so severe that 11 refugees were injured as a result of the assault from both groups. Police has to intervene and try to stop both the group of refugees from further fight. While the German police attempted to prevent further fight, three policemen were also injured.

It has been reported that the clash broke out in a refugee camp where refugees from 20 different countries are been housed. It is the same refugee camp where Syrians, Albanian, and Pakistanis are residing. DPA states this refugee camp is a compound of several tents erected which provide shelter to about 1,500 refugees.

However, this was not enough; the umbrage between hundreds of refugees living in the camp was not over yet. Another conflict arose between two refugee groups later in the evening. This time round a group of about 70 refugees got engaged with another group of 300 refugees. However, after several hours of toiling Police were able to restore peace and order in the camp in the end. Nonetheless, police did not hook any of the refugees who got engaged in fights but resorted to restrain them from further conflicts.