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Germany’s ruling party favors tougher immigration laws prioritizing Christian migrants


German ruling party shows an inclination towards harsher immigration laws under which Christian refugees would be prioritized. Moreover, there are intentions of restricting the number of asylum seekers at 200,000 per year and calling an end to dual citizenship. Further the conservative Bavarian allies are inclined towards imposing ban on full-face and partial-face veils.

Germany to prioritize Christian migrants

In a paper published by the conservative Bavarian allies urges for a need to prioritize the migrants from Europe’s “Christian-occidental cultural sphere.” These proposed rules will be officially presented during a meeting on Friday.

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“Germany must stay Germany. We are against our welcoming country being changed through migration and waves of refugees. We shouldn’t be the ones who adjust to migrants, the opposite should be true.” It was further stated: “a state must decide by itself whom it accepts–it’s not the migrants who decide.”

It has been also urged that face coverings such as the burqa are “a uniform of Islamism, a huge barrier to integration and a symbol of the repression of women that is unacceptable in our culture. Those who don’t want to live without the burqa and niqab should find another country,” the paper reads.