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Ghotki: A Hindu booked over blasphemy accusations, local Hindu community fearful of reprisal


A Hindu namely Amar Lal, has been booked by the police over charges of blasphemy. Amar Lal has been accused of allegedly desecrating Islamic holy book Quran. On Tuesday, morning July 26, Amar Lal was caught by local Muslims allegedly desecrating the Islamic holy book outside a mosque. Police claims Amar is suffering from psychotic disorder.

Blasphemy case against Hindu in Ghotki

Followed by blasphemy accusations, the local Muslims shut down their shops in retaliation to the blasphemy. BBC reports, that religious groups called for a shutdown, routine activities remained suspended in the entire district as a result of the call.

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The agitated Muslims blocked National highway, which caused the huge traffic jam. Seeing the commotion, Hindu community also shut down its business. Police had also hooked 18 people over charges of damaging public property during the protests. Local Hindu community remained fearful and remained shut inside their houses. The situation became tense while MPA asked people to remain calm and avoid violence.