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Ghotki clamor: Hindu leaders demand security for their community in the wake of low-down mob violence


Followed by anti-Hindus violence in District Ghotki, Sindh; Pakistani Hindu leaders are urging the government and law enforcement authorities to make sure that the Hindu community and its properties are well protected against fierceness of the agitated masses. The call comes after a Hindu youth was shot dead while other in critical condition by the mob in reprisal to blasphemy accusations on a former Hindu Amar Lal.

Hindu Youth killed in Ghotki, Sindh

On Wednesday, July 27, the Hindu leaders expressed fears of another backlash followed by blasphemy feud against Amar Lal. They claimed that a Hindu youth Sateesh Kumar has lost his life owing to the strife caused by the allegation, and the entire Hindu community in the Ghotki district is apprehensive while some of opted to move to other towns.

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Ashok Kumar Jay, a Hindu rights activist, said the country is witnessing an appalling increase in faith-based violence. “There has been a sharp increase in violence against religious minorities including forced conversions, target killings, extortion, looting, kidnapping, and troubles linked to their places of worship.”

Followed by unrest, police and law enforcement agencies came in action and hooked at least 150 people linked in mob violence in overnight raids. Amar Lal who is said to have converted to Islam four years ago was accused of allegedly desecrating Islamic holy book Quran on Tuesday July 26. Amar was hooked by the police and is said to be mentally deranged.

On July 27, Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari while taking notice of the incident has directed MNA Ramesh Lal to visit Sateesh Kumar’s family and offer commiseration on his behalf and ensure solidarity with community.