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Global Minorities Alliance Urges Aid Organizations To Help Flood Victims In Pakistan


GLASGOW: The Global Minorities Alliance urges humanitarian organizations to extend aid and relief to flood victims in Pakistan.

Flood 2013
Flood 2013

Recent, torrential rains in North West and central Pakistan have thus far caused 118 causalities leaving over 80.000 people homeless. This Glasgow based human rights organization Global Minorities Alliance is calling on all the humanitarian organizations across the United Kingdom and around the globe to lend a hand to devastated people in Pakistan.


Global Minorities Alliance further urges the British and other International aid agencies to support the children and families of the flood affected majority with no roof over their heads anxious to start their lives from the scratch.


With regard to recent flooding, the National Disaster Management Authority of Pakistan has publicized a warning for northwest and central Pakistan of a new spell of torrential rains whereby previous spell has already ruined masses. In excess of 135,000 acres of crops have been submerged thus wiped out. These rains have also spoilt and annihilated above 4000 houses all over the country. In accordance to official statistics provided by the Provincial Disaster Management Authority more than 1,745 villages have gone under water. More or less 94 make-shift relief camps have been established providing shelter to over 9,200 people.


Global Minorities Alliance in addition to highlighting the calamity of people in Pakistan has received requests from various sources; apprizing the GMA about the mayhem caused by monsoon rains this year.


GMA Head- Mr Manassi Bernard illustrates, “It is real tragedy which hits the poor families in Pakistan almost every year.”


According to one of the reports received by the GMA, in Punjab alone approximately 320,000 people have been affected by floods. The most hard-hit area being villages in Kasur, Chanda Singh, MastekeVillage and Gati Kalanger where people are in awful condition and in desperate need of relief aid. Moreover, over 24 people have lost their lives and around 160,000 people are affected in Sindh whereas in Balochistan and Khyber-Pakhtunwa, at least 18 and 24 people have died respectively.


The Alliance was informed by a Pakistani Pastor Rev. Benyaameen Najum, “Requesting for immediate relief for 44 families in central Pakistan especially in the villages of Chanada Singh Village, Masteke Village, Gati Kalanger.”


Another Pakistani Pastor Rev. Najum apprized GMA, “People have no place to go to and are drinking flood water.”


The International Director of Peace and Harmony for the Global Minorities Alliance Shahzad Khan said, “We urge aid agencies, relief organization to reach out the flood affected families which are left in the lurch and has left many homeless, shoeless and shelter-less and believe people will respond to the genuine need and provide relief to the children and families.”