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“God Can Not Forget Us”, Archbishop of Mosul Still Hopefull


The Archbishop of Mosul yesterday said, “God can not forget us.” He was speaking at the General meeting of Irish Catholic Bishops.

Christians of Iraq especially Mosul have been facing immense discrimination at the hands of Islamic militant group ISIS. The Bishop continued to say that although we have lost everything, we have not lost our faith.

There are currently 2.8 million internally displaced Iraqis and millions have fled to safety when entire towns were annihilated at the hands if ISIS. Christian community all over the world continues to pray for Iraqi Christians.

The Bishop of Mosul also stressed upon education being vital for the better upbringing of the society as a whole and this is what lacks in the militants who have been at lose, claiming hundreds of lives.

“I am calling on the international community: if they cannot protect us, then they must open their doors and help us start a new life elsewhere,” he said.

“But we would prefer to be in Iraq and be protected in Iraq.”

With no homes, churches and no heritage left to go back to, Christians of Iraq have lost everything but remain steadfast in faith and have not forsaken God.