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God gave me the grace to endure the hardships during ISIS captivity says a Syrian Priest


Syrian Priest

A Syrian priest, who was miraculously freed form captivity by the terror group ISIS, says God gave him grace to endure the hardships under the terror groups’ detention.

In keeping with details, Father Jacques Mourad, a Syrian priest who was abducted by the Islamic State militants. He said that he felt the hand of God upon him, during the captivity and said that he is thankful to God for this. Father Jacques Mourad served as
priest of Mar Elian Monastery.

Father Jacques Mourad, is known for promoting Muslim-Christian dialogue in Syria, who had been providing shelter to the refugees from Christian and Muslim communities alike. He was also pastor for the Syriac-Catholic community in Qaryatain. The ISIS militants had also hooked a deacon named Boutros, along with him. However, he had escaped form the terror group’s captivity.

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“This is the miracle the Good Lord gave me: while I was a prisoner I was waiting for the day I would die, but with a great inner peace. I had no problem dying for the name of Our Lord; I wouldn’t be the first or the last, just one of the thousands of the martyrs for Christ,” he said.

He was held in Raqqa, in a bathroom as a prison cell. He and the deacon were held in this 19-foot by 10-foot dark cell. He reveals that the ISIS militants repetitively ordered each of them to convert to Islam, and threatened “or we cut your head off.”

Father Mourad said, “God graced me with two things: silence and kindness,” as a way to respond to the terrorists. The ill-treatment was limited to verbal threats; however, one instance the priest undergo brutal beating with a plastic hose for about half an hour.

While he was being scourged, Father Mourad recalled, “I received the grace to be thankful for what was happening to me. I didn’t allow any hatred to enter in and take hold of me. I want to thank all those who prayed for my liberation. It’s truly a miracle that a priest has been freed from the hands of the Islamic State.”