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“God preserved my life” says Christian man stripped, beaten and seared


A Pakistani man viciously tortured for befriending a Muslim girl says that he was still traumatized and scared to leave his home. Sheikhupura-based 21-year-old Ansar Masih, was purportedly assaulted and burnt with hot iron rods by the family of the girl.

Christians in Shiekhupura

Ansar Masih while talking to British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA), said that he had befriended the Muslim girl two years ago. He said that they spoke over phone often and he paid visit to her neighborhood to meet her.
Soon after girl’s family learnt about their friendship; Ansar’s father was warned to keep his son away from the girl. Her father and brothers had threatened of dire consequences, if Ansar did not comply with their demand.

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BPCA details that, on April 1, Ansar’s mother sent him to a friends’ house who lived in the girl’s neighborhood. As he was riding his motorcycle, he was stopped by father and brothers of the girl. He was kidnapped and taken to their house. The men beat him and seared him with hot rods, the excruciating torture continued until he fell unconscious.

Later on they brought him to his house, and told his family that the lad had met with an accident. Ansar was rushed to District Headquarters’ Hospital Sheikhupura, where he received medical treatment. His family sought BPCA’s help and therefore was granted financial assistance. Ansar was taken to Mayo hospital in Lahore where he was treated for his burns.

After he regained consciousness, he detailed what had befallen him and narrated the entire episode of barbarity. Ansar’s sister Saima lodged a police compliant at Saddar Police Station in Sheikhupura. Consequently, Manzoor was arrested while police are yet to take action against his sons.

Talking to BPCA Ansar Masih said: “I am still traumatized by the attack and am too scared to leave my home. The men hurt me so bad, they kicked, me punched me, bit me, spat at me, hit me with bars and then burnt me after I first watched them heat the poles they had beaten me with in their fireplace.

“I was simply a friend of Jameela we did not have any physical affair, but this family simply hate Christians and have enacted such brutality on me because to them I am just like rubbish. I lost consciousness during the burning and then found myself in hospital. I am still in pain and will be scarred for life but at least I am alive. God preserved my life and I will stay forever indebted to him.”