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God Saved Bible From Burning Flames In Kyrgyzstan


The church is in the area of Kaji Sayin of Kyrgyzstan which was destroyed in fire bomb attack on Jan 3. A copy of the Bible was lying on the altar. The cloth of altar was completely burnt underneath it but the Bible which was open remained safe. The edges of the book of God having God’s words got scorched. It appears as if the burning flames approached the holy Bible but stopped suddenly.

God Saved Bible From Burning Flames In Kyrgyzstan

Release International which is an international organization for monitoring and reporting persecution of Christians around the world and helping the victims of that persecution, claims that Islamic militants he attacked on the church. It says that they threw ‘Molotov cocktails’ into the chapel early morning to damage it.

The firemen who tried to extinguish burning flames in the church building told that they found many bottles filled with petrol in the chapel which did not catch fire.

Paul who is partner of Release International in Kyrgyzstan was amazed that the petrol bottles did not ignite in the burning flames and open bible pages also remained unscathed.

Earlier a Pentecostal Church was set to fire by the Communist mob at night time. In that incident God saved the chapel and the holy Bible. Paul says that he believes that Churches will remained save in Kyrgyzstan and keep on spreading voice of God.

The police are still investigating the Church under attack incident. Yet no injuries are reported due to fire in church.

Presently Christian population living in Kyrgyzstan is upset due to the growing attacks on churches.
Moreover, according to local media report many villages do not allow the converted Christians dead bodies to be buried in their graveyards.

The village governor, Pamir Kutuev said that the church was preaching when the Soviet Union governments fall. He refused to accept that the church was attacked by anyone. Moreover, he said that in Kyrgyzstan there is no religious discrimination. The church case is being investigating by the police therefore it will be before time to conclude without any witness.