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‘God’s Air-Force’ in Papua Indonesia


The village of Mokndoma in Papua, Indonesia had no church and no way of access. Missionary Tim Ingles traveled to the area to bring help and hope to the people.

“Our goal here is to plant a church that can reach out and reach the rest of the Wano people,” missionary Tim Ingels said. The problem was that there had to be a way to reach the Wano missionaries. To this they needed to build an air strip. With only shovels and stick to work with, it would take years to build.

After two years of work, the project was completed. With a plane belonging to the Mission Avaiation Fellowship, the group serves people living in isolated areas where transportation or communication is difficult. They enable the work of some 1,500 churches, healthcare organizations, relief agencies and mission groups. They also deliver Bible translation teams.

Bibles in the local dialect had never been available to the locals. “We’re here to celebrate the finishing of the complete Bible in the Hupla language,” MAF pilot Mike Brown said. This has also taken years of effort.

The missionary group also helps local people who need medical care by air lifting them to hospitals. They enable ministries to provide isolated people with vital services and goods, while sharing the love of Christ in a tangible way. Some call them God’s air force