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God’s blessing will be greater for those who forgave says an Iraqi teenage refugee girl


Iraqi Christians

An Iraqi teenager conveys a message of forgiving others on Christmas.

According to details, a young Iraqi Christian girl Miriam has conveyed message of forgiving terror group Islamic State for doing her harm and destroying her house. She said that although the jihadis of ISIS drove her and her family out of their home, but still she forgives them.

While talking during an interview with the ABC News, Miriam said, “I’m not upset about the loss of money and the loss of houses. I don’t care about these things. What I care about is our land is gone. Our churches are gone. Many will forgive but a lot more will not forgive.”

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Miriam further talked about forgiving those who have caused worst possible damage to her life. “The lack of forgiveness will produce a bad result. God is giving us this experience. God is trying us. He said you are going to leave your land which is dear to you. But I want to see will you forgive the people who drove you out, or will you not forgive them?

“God’s blessing will be greater for those who forgave. Because Jesus said forgive each other, love each other the way I love you. This is what we need to learn: forgiveness,” she asserted.

Miriam’s message come amidst growing debates over whether refugees from Syria and Iraq be allowed to resettle in Europe or not. When asked about her dreams and aspirations Miriam said, “My hopes for life are for there to be no wars. With now wars there will be love. If there is no love there is no justice. And justice is what satisfies humans.”