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God’s Love Melting Stony Hearts Of Boko Haram Militants


Gospel of Christ touching lives of Boko Haram members

Boko Haram militants accepting Christ, as they get inspired by local Christian missionaries.

God’s work overpowers violence as local Christian missionaries continue to preach the Word of God amongst the natives in the face of the terror drive by Boko Haram in north-east of Nigeria. There are reports that by God’s grace some members of the militant group are converting to Christianity out of their own free will. These conversions are taking place after the militants get inspired by the Christian missionaries’ courage.

Nigerian Christian Ministry is effectively training young Christians for evangelism and other missionary works. These young Christian missionaries have been valiantly planting new churches in the region. AT the same time they even distribute humanitarian aid among those people who have been displaced by the conflict. As a result of this, the message of Christ has been conveyed to the Boko Haram militants and some of them are beginning to turn to Christ.

This local Christian Ministry is being aided by Christian Aid Mission for the past 28 years. It has been 32 years of service that this ministry has put in. Christian Aid Mission’s African director Amie Cotton said, this ministry has been “straightforward in reaching the unreached. The ministry has been helping people who don’t know Christ to get to know Him, but it has also been training and developing leaders, disciplining people and doing work in difficult areas.”

According to Cotton, these converts have to pay a heavy price for embracing Christianity. Overwhelmed by these conversions Boko Haram has publicized a video in which Boko Haram militants were killing wife and three children of a militant who had converted to Christianity while quitting being a member of the militant group.

She goes on to explain, “Sometimes he feels comforted that he has Jesus, but when he remembers his family, he feels like he shouldn’t even be living in this world anymore. But then the good thing is that God has brought him to Himself, and by bringing him to Himself, God has saved some lives, too; this man would have killed others.”

At the same time, ex- Boko Haram militants who converted to Christianity are being rushed to safe places seeing the rage displayed by the militant group over these conversions.Ms. Cotton continues to state the courageous passion of young Christian missionaries saying that they reject to leave the victims of Boko Haram who are in need of compassion. She says, the young men are ever ready to spread the Gospel of Christ in the middle of Boko Haram’s atrocities.

“In the midst of what is happening, we still thank God, because we are still alive; we are still working. If the church is in hiding, who will know the church? There must be missionaries who are so desperate for soul-winning that they’re ready to die,” she exclaimed.