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God’s Word Being Made Accessible For The Deaf By The Deaf Bible Society


   Deaf Bible Society endeavours to share God’s Word with 80% of world’s deaf by 2025.

God's Word shared among the deaf
God’s Word shared among the deaf

According to a careful estimate over half of the deaf population worldwide is illiterate, which is a very common setback for them as they are ignored by society thus forcing them to resort to sign language to communicate with others. What’s worse only less than 1 percent have a complete translation of the Bible. For this reason the Deaf Bible Society is working to share God’s word to the hearing-deprived people. The Deaf Bible Society aims to reach 80 percent of them worldwide by the year 2025.

J.R. Bucklew of the Deaf Bible Society says, “Like you and me, we were in a home; we could hear our parents speaking around us, speaking to us, about us, and we entered school with about a 5,000-word vocabulary. This deaf child never hears a thing. They don’t hear you speaking to them, about them, for them, around them. And, they pick up very few gestures. You might create some home signs, but they enter into school with about a 50-word vocabulary. People misunderstand and assume that it’s just a hand motion or a gesture for every English word, and you do it in the same order: kind of like we’re doing…charades or something. And it’s not that at all. American Sign Language is it’s own language. It has its own syntax, grammar structures, language rules—everything, is completely different from English.”

On account of this problem, the deaf people do not have access to the Bible. It was during a visit of the officials of the international audio Bible recording company “Faith Comes By Hearing” to a deaf school several years back that they witnessed how many deaf children were eager to learn the Bible. The company then ventured to create the Deaf Bible App back in 2012. “The Deaf Bible App, today, has about 16 languages in it, over 500,000 users worldwide–just tremendous distribution,” Bucklew shared.