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Gohar Almas trying might and main to serve the Lord with his musical exposition


Lahore-based Christian youth, Gohar Almas rises through the ranks as a Gospel singer at national showground. Born to Godly loving parents, he found his inspiration from them, “My mother has always been a very godly woman. She taught me how to be God-loving and God-fearing simultaneously.” He could remember the time, when his father Pastor Almas Bhatti, realized, he had God’ call on his life.

Pakistani Christian worshipers

At the age of 8, he exhibited an inclination towards, music, “My father observed it and bought me a set of congas. I began playing congas at home and church meetings.” At this tender age, he used to play congas as his sister sung Gospel songs. He recalls, he could never have imagined being serving the Lord as a worship minister. When asked about his music teacher, Gohar elucidated, “To be honest, my only teacher is Lord Jesus Christ who teaches me; guides me; encourages me and strengthens me.”

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Later, at 16, Gohar A says he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. “I didn’t have a clue what plans God had for me,” he exclaimed. Things turned around, at a time when, worshipers ceased visiting his church, he decided to lead the church choir himself. “That was the crucial point in my life,” he said while adding.” I decided not to look for others to come and lead our church in worship anymore. Thus, I took the responsibility to do it myself.”

As he continued to walk with the Lord, he started composing and writing hymns. He started playing keyboard, which proved frosting on the cake, for his soulful worship music. “I write, compose, sing Gospel songs and play keyboard; these are all God-gifted talents. I have composed around 30 Christian songs so far.”

Pakistani gospel singers

While enumerating, he said, “I recorded my first song titled ‘Tu Maujood Hai’ in 2011. All of my video songs have been aired on several Christian TV Channels in Pakistan. Some of my popular gospel songs include Al-Masih Kay Ghar, Woh Sooli Uthaye, Shukar Guzari, Paida Ho Gaya and Mera Fidya.” Expressing gladness about his hymns, he says,” My songs are very much liked by the people and I get a lot of appreciation from them on social media and in person also.”Giving all the glory to God, he voiced his gratitude saying, “I give all the praise to Lord Jesus.”

“I would suggest the youngsters who aspire to serve Lord Jesus through a worship ministry they ought to recognize their talents first,” he said while advising young rising worshipers. He went on to caution the young gospel singers saying,” they should never seek their fame or publicity in it, rather do everything for glorifying the Lord.