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Government censured over heedlessness in dealing with disquieting increase in forced conversions of Pakistani Christian girls


In the face of surging incidents of abductions of Christian girls which are oftentimes followed by sexual assaults, forced marriages resulting in forced conversions, Government of Pakistan takes flak by Nasir Saeed Director of CLAAS-UK. Government’s inattention towards the bane, termed as “shameful,” as he continued to point fingers at the rising forced conversions of Hindu girls in Sindh.

Pakistani Christian girls forced to convert

In a statement, Nasir Saeed, said that the blight of forced conversion of Christian girls in Punjab and Hindu girls in Sindh remains on the higher side while rising alarmingly. “It is shameful as the government is aware of the situation but there is still no will to address the root causes like growing hatred and prevailing narrative against minorities.”

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He further directed criticism towards Pakistan government’s inaction saying that Senate’s committee had already called for abrupt action against the forced conversions he stated: “The Senate Standing Committee on Religious Affairs has declared the forced conversion of minority girls to Islam as un-Islamic, and has asked the government to adopt a comprehensive mechanism for protection of women belonging to minority communities. “

“Last year despite the Senate’s Functional Committee on Human Rights recommendations to criminalize forced religious conversions it seems to be all falling on the deaf ears of the government.”

Nasir Saeed was quick to censure government’s constant ignorance towards rising cases of girls from Christian and Hindu communities being abducted and forced to convert. He said these atrocities are being fanned by government’s indecisiveness and sluggishness to tackle with the issue. He said that eventually the Non-Muslim Pakistanis resolve to flee their homeland seeking a safer life in other countries amidst insecurities.