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Government-Controlled Churches of China see Mighty Hand of God



A groundbreaking revival is taking place in government-controlled Chinese churches. As is seen in a recent video, worshipers are dancing, singing and praising God.

The video shows a Thursday evening meeting in Fujian Province, southeast China where scores of men and women are dancing, waving flags, blowing shofars, singing and worshipping God. What’s amazing is that it is happening in a government-controlled congregation known as Three-Self Church.

Pastor Duan Huilai says, “Dramatic changes are happening. God is moving in powerful ways in these Three-self churches.”

Duan and his wife, have witnessed the Holy Spirit’s move in Three-Self churches for years.

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“The most amazing thing is that the Lord is raising up God-loving people in these churches — so many brothers and sisters who love God deeply and want to serve Him,” Duan said.

Pastor Duan explained that there’s a remarkable difference in churches. Things have changes than from what they used to be 30 years back.

“Every sermon that the pastor preached back then had to be vetted by the government authorities. Young people were never allowed to attend these churches so you’d only see old people, mostly women,” Duan said. “Preaching about the power of the Holy Spirit was forbidden. You couldn’t talk about end times or preach repentance.”

“Topics on healings, miracles, signs and wonders were out of the question. Not anymore. Nowadays people have accepted these topics,” Duan said.

There are two main types of churches in China; the registered and the unregistered ones.

The registered churches or the Three-self churches are the government-approved and the government-controlled ones and serve under the restrictions of the government.

The unregistered churches, on the other hand, are the ones that have faced a lot of persecution at the hand of the government over the years and have hence strengthened in faith.

“Now big revivals are happening in the Three-Self Churches,” Dr. Zhao Xiao told CBN News from his offices on the outskirts of China’s capital city.

“The number of Christians in China is growing rapidly. It means Christ is starting to play an active role in China’s society and that’s good in many ways,” Zhao said.