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Government Forced Three Foreign Missionaries To Leave Pakistan


Nuns ordered to leave Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Government forces Christian nuns to leave Pakistan.

The Roman Catholic Church has filed a motion against the order issued forth by the government. The nuns were told to leave Pakistan because of the government’s growing suspicion of foreigners.

The Filipino Christian missionaries ordered to leave Pakistan, included Miraflor Aclan Bahan, principal of the F-8 branch of Islamabad Convent School, Delia Coyoca Rubio, the principal of the H-8 branch, and Elizabeth Umail Siguenza and the finance officer at the H-8 branch were accused of “engaging in employment in violation of their visa category”.

However, reacting strongly the nuns and church officials filed a motion on June 25; requesting an Islamabad judge to block the expulsion. In this regard, the attorney for the church Abid Nazir, said that all the three nuns are “missionary workers.” These nuns efficiently devoted their lives to educating poor children in Pakistan.

Abid Nazir further added that it’s feared that Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has a personal grudge against these nuns and the school. He revealed that wife of Chaudhry Nisar worked as a teacher in the same school but in 2011 she resigned from the school because of a dispute with the principal.

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The motion filed in the court states: “More than 4000 students of Islamabad Convent School, who are Pakistani nationals, are made the scapegoat, just because of (a) personal liking or disliking. If the missionary workers will be sent back then no proper replacement will be available for the proper taking care of the 4000 children/students of our nation.”

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) however, sustained the decision of the Interior Ministry that the visas of three Filipino nuns would not be further extended; taking into consideration the “public complaints”.