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Government Of Pakistan Is Responsible For All The Troubles Of Asia Bibi Says Her Defence Lawyer


Asia Bibi gets one chance

Government of Pakistan is responsible for the troubles of Asia Bibi.

According to reports by AsiaNews, Saiful Malook the lawyer who is representing Asia Bibi before Supreme Court of Pakistan has claimed that the Government of Pakistan is responsible for the plight of the Christian woman, Asia Bibi. Asia Bibi is till on death row, convicted of blasphemy despite lack of clear evidence.

“Many legal requirements have been ignored” in the Bibi case, Saiful Malook told the AsiaNews service. He went on to say that shari’a law requires that: “the person accused of blasphemy must confess, or testimony against them must be independently verified.”

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“All these requirements have been ignored” in Asia Bibi case, he remarked.

At his occasion, Saiful Malook also asserted that the Government of Pakistan has completely failed to “stop the militants from attacking those accused of insulting the prophet Muhammed, or setting fire to their homes.”

Saiful Malook, Asia Bibi’s lawyer is a Muslim himself and yet he has been able to win Supreme Court’s decision of temporarily halting the execution of Bibi and ordering a new trial.

While talking with the AsiaNews, he said that after winning that decision, “I remained in court for hours to avoid a confrontation with angry Muslim militants.” He claims that he has taken extra safety measures for his own personal security because of the observable violence against Christians accused of blasphemy and against those who defend them.