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Government’ recognition of services of S.P. Singha hailed by Christians


Pakistan government’s step of issuing postage stamps commemorating the services of the prominent Christian leader of the Pakistan movement, Deewan Bahadur S.P. Singha hailed by Christians. In this regard, the Director of CLAAS-UK- Nasir Saeed has expressed delight over the government’ initiative to honor him.

Christian leaders in Pakistan movement

In recognition of valuable services of S.P. Singha, Pakistan government issued postage stamps with his image on them. On April 29, Friday, President of Pakistan-Mamnoon Hussain inaugurated the stamps in a ceremony held in the President’s house. These commemorative postage stamps of Rs10 denomination each; ‘Recognizing the services for Pakistan of Deewan Bahadur S.P. Singha before and after the creation of Pakistan.’

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This inaugural ceremony was attended by prominent Christian leaders along with church leaders including Bishop Alexander Malik. PML-N leader and Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping Senator Kamran Michael was also present on this occasion. This is the very first time in the country’s history that a Pakistani Christian’ image has been published on postage stamps.

While remarking about this historic step by the Pakistani government, Mr Nasir Saeed said that the step taken by the government is laudable. But, he added, the recognition is a bit late as S.P. Singha died in 1948 only a month after the demise of the Founder of Pakistan Quaid e Azam. However, he continued, it’s never too late, to honor a valiant leader like S.P. Singha, owing to the fact that he deserves this honor and reverence.

“This decision of the Pakistani government is commendable. I am sure it will not just raise Pakistani Christians’ morale, and make them proud, but it will go some way to restoring their trust in the government. It also encourages and inspires them to continue working hard to play a role in Pakistan’s security and prosperity, as their ancestors did,” he said.

Dewan Bahadur S.P. Singha is an important personality of Pakistan’s history. Mr Singha the then speaker of the united Punjab Assembly played a vital role in Pakistan movement. Being a speaker he used his decisive “casting vote” in the Assembly of United Punjab in favor of Pakistan and supported the Quaid-e-Azam’s vision of a separate independent country, Pakistan.

From 1936 till 1949, S.P. Singha remained member of Punjab Assembly as a candidate of All India Christian Association. He has the honor of being the last Speaker of the Punjab Assembly before partition. Moreover, he was the first Speaker of the Punjab Assembly after the creation of Pakistan. However, he passed away on 22nd October, 1949.