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Government to enmesh clerics who issue bogus marriage certificates says Punjab’ Minister for Minorities Affairs and Human Rights


Punjab government is bent upon taking a strict action against unauthorized clergymen, who issue bogus marriage certificates to Christians, says Khaleel Tahir Sindhu Punjab’ Minister for Minorities’ Affairs and Human Rights. He said that all such bishops and fathers who are not authorized by the government to conduct Christian marriages will be hooked.

Christian marriage registration with NADRA

Khaleel Tahir was addressing a press conference at his residence along with Bishop Samuel Azariah, Arch Bishop Sebastian Shaw, Moderator Majeed Abel, Romal Shah, Reverend Shahid Mairaj and Sister Jenny.

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The Provincial Minister for Minorities Affairs and Human Rights remarked about the registration of Christian marriage certificates with National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) saying that “mainstream churches in Punjab have expressed some reservations over registration of Christian marriage certificates with the government.”

He went on to explain that the mainstream churches have raised unease over anticipated problems; Christian would face in getting their marriages registered with the Union Councils. He disclosed the government had already directed the Chief Secretary to take action against the concerned departments. “Strict action will be taken against bishops and fathers conducting unauthorized marriages,” he emphasized.

The mainstream churches claim that despite the government’ directives, the Union Councils do not register the Christian marriage certificates. “After finding this true on part of the Union Councils, government has taken action over their compliant and has issued direction to the Union Councils to register the Christian marriages,” he said. Chief Minister of Punjab will also be apprised about this issue, he said.