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Government urged to conduct impartial investigations into the Youhanabad blasts


Youhanabad churches blasts

A charity organisation Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) has urged for a through investigation into the Youhanabad blasts. Christian Solidarity Worldwide has insist on an entirely fair and unbiased investigation by the Pakistani authorities, moreover, demanding that the perpetrators should be brought to justice.

A year has passed since the tragic incident of the twin suicide blasts at Lahore’s Youhanabad churches. On March 15, 2015, two suicide bombers blew their explosive vests at two churches in the Christian neighborhood. As a result about 15 congregants were killed and several injured. The bombers targeted the churches, when the Sunday services were going on in both the churches. As a result of this incident, the Christians of Lahore became infuriated, and took to the streets thus damaging public property and lynched two men; whom they suspected to be facilitators of the terrorists.

As a result of the lynching, an investigation was launched by the government, and according to the Christian Solidarity Worldwide, around 100 young men were arrested and are facing trial in the anti-terrorists courts. It has been claimed that more arrests have been made in connection to the lynching incident. CSW expresses doubts over the considerable use of power by the police claiming that the police have relied only on the CCTV camera footage along with the footage made by mobile phones. Further, CSW claims that police had hooked Christian youngsters without arrest warrants.

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Christian Solidarity World Wide has raised doubts on the investigations carried out by the police thus far and asserted that the police have showed partiality and prejudice. CSW claims that one of those arrested by the police said that “the police arrested all the youth, telling these young men that they were on a list. They were randomly picking up suspects to fulfill a quota; there was pressure from the Chief Minister to make arrests so the police were out to arrest anyone they could get.”