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GPFP Goes To Supreme Court Of Pakistan To Request Traveling For Christians To Israel

Pakistani Christians and Jews desire to visit israel.
Pakistani Christians and Jews desire to visit israel.

God’s Peoples Fellowship of Pakistan (GPFP) the only Israeli Christian supporting religious organization in Pakistan, moves to Supreme Court of Pakistan to ask for authorization for visit to Israel on Pakistan’s Passports.

The application to file C.P.87-K/2014, Under Article 185(3) has been taken by Deputy Secretary General of GPFP, Mr. Aamir Suleman Aziz on behalf of Pakistani Christians and Jews living in Pakistan with their concealed identity.

The case aims to fulfill the words of Almighty God as per the Holy Bible accordingly, that is also longstanding dream and desire of the Pakistani Christians and Jews and as well as to achieve Christian religious liberties and rights in Pakistan for the performance of their religious rituals.


Mr. Ashraf P. Butt advocate Secretary General of GPFP said on this occasion that the millions of Pakistani Christians and thousand Jews (hidden identity) living in Pakistan are both deprived from their religious rights to visit to the Holy Bible land, Israel since the independent Pakistan 1947.