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Greece: Nine Pakistanis arrested who smuggled migrants to Europe


Greece jail

Nine Pakistanis arrested in Greece, who were members of gang which smuggled refugees into Europe.

According to details, on Wednesday, October 8, a gang of 12 members was arrested by the Greek Police. The gang produced fake documents for illegal migrants who want to enter Europe. Out of these 12, nine are Pakistanis, 1 Egyptian and one Syrian.

The police hooked this gang during raids on three separate flats in central Athens. The Greek police claims they have found equipments and work area where these gang members used to make fake documents. Police stated that they have taken into custody “whole laboratories for producing fake papers.”

The Greek police further stated that this gang is “one of the most important criminal people-smuggling organisations.” The gang aided illegal migrants to enter Greece, from where they are moved to various other countries in Europe. Police has handed over the detained gang members over to the Athens prosecutors at the same time as more raids will be carried out to hook their accomplices.

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Police further revealed that the illegal migrants paid 3,000 Euros in return of their aid as after entering Greece, these migrants would at some time leave Greece illegitimately either through the airports or by inflatable boats via sea route wading through the western coast, destined for Italy.

Police further stated that a part of this gang operates on the island of Kos in the Aegean Sea, which is nearby Turkish coast. It is the same spot from where every day thousands upon thousands take on the risky sea crossing.

Shortly the migrants land on the Kos island, the gang members would hand over fake papers which would enable them to travel on towards Athens and from there on towards the central Europe. The accomplices of this gang in Turkey would facilitate the migrants get to Kos Island repeatedly in small boats with nominal fuel and so the lives of refugees on board come in danger. Upon reaching Greece, the gang would hold up these migrants in flats so that they would not find other smuggling gangs.