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Group of Egyptian Christians trapped in Libya fear extremism from ISIS


A group of Egyptian Christians trapped in Libya express fears of facing terror group Islamic State on the routes back to their country. In a report by international Christian persecution watchdog group International Christian Concern, these Christians revealed that all routes back to Egypt have been blocked by militants who have vowed to kill Christians.

Coptic Christians

In keeping with ICC, more than 30 Coptic Christian workers who had traveled to Libya from Egypt have been trapped because of not being able to return home as they have been surrounded by ISIS militants. ICC reported that these Christians had traveled to Libya for work and are now desperately trying to find a safe passage back to Egypt.

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One of these trapped Christians told that they are stuck in the Libyan town of Misrata. He called upon the authorities in Egypt “to intervene and find safe ways to return these men to their homes.” One of the trapped Christians told the ICC that they are currently residing in a housing building in Misrata. He further explained: “We hope to return home to Egypt, but there isn’t any safe way.”

The highway used by these Christians in order to enter Libya, told that the route goes through the Libyan city of Sirte “where extremists are known to stop buses and check IDs for Christian names.” It was further revealed that the other route that could be used passes from Tripoli en route to Egypt; but this route is also controlled by ISIS.

These Christians fear that the terror group has already declared that it would continue slaughtering Christians, in case they are captured by the militants they will not be spared by them. They said that despite severe dangers and several incidents of Christians being captured and killed by militants in Libya, Christians from Egypt are forced to travel to Libya in order to earn money, because of lack of job opportunities.