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GUINEA: Villagers Beat Three Priests After Accusing Them Of Spreading Ebola


Three priests were beaten and held hostage in Guinea after villages accuse them of spreading Ebola in the area.

3 Priests beaten by villages in Guinea
3 Priests beaten by villages in Guinea

According to details, three Baptist priests were held hostage by the villagers of the Kabac and accused them of spreading Ebola. The villagers also beat these priests severely. These priests were visiting the village of Kabac in Forecariah. They visited the village to treat wells and latrines with insecticide. Nevertheless, local villagers assumed that these priests were spreading the Ebola virus; as a result they attacked the clergymen. The enraged villagers vandalised their vehicles by setting them on fire while the priests were taken captive.

Meanwhile, the Police arrived at the scene and was able to rescue the three priests. Some of the villagers were arrested. This is the second incident of this kind to take place in Forecariah. Earlier this month, two police officers suspected of bringing Ebola into the area were attacked and killed by the villagers.