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Gujranwala: Biased judge denies bail to Christians accused of blasphemy, cancels already granted bail to a Christian


ATC Gujranwala

GUJRANWALA: Christians accused of blasphemy denied bail by the court.

According to details, an Anti-Terrorism court denied bail to all the Christians’ who were accused of blasphemy over using the word “Prophet” for a deceased pastor however, the court granted bail to Zulfiqar, a Muslim man who printed the posters.

It was on September 1, when a lawyer from a local Christian NGO filed petition for bail before the Anti-Terrorism court. Nonetheless, ATC Judge rejected bail plea of all the blasphemy accused Christians.

The Christian lawyer maintains that the judge heard the case being unfair and in preference to following the law and judging rightly she expressed her personal feelings stating “we cannot tolerate such wordings as our Rasool (prophet) is the highest,” he claims.

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What is more, the Judge was not only being biased and subjective but also cancelled bail for two Christians Younatan Gill and Mohsin, and orders them to be sent to prison. Mohsin submitted an affidavit in the court stating that he lives in Sheikhupura, and this poster was printed in Gujrat.

In the affidavit, Mohsin maintained that he was drawn in because of being Pastor Aftab Gill’s son in law. “I respect the prophet Muhammad from the bottom of my heart,” Mohsin mentioned in the affidavit yet his affidavit was not taken into consideration.

Furthermore, the NGO head also argued with the judge that this case was not supposed to be registered under the terrorist act for the reason that it does not fulfils the criterion. Seeing, there is no incriminating evidence which directly connects the accused Christians with terrorism.

Additionally, the complaint against the Christians was not lodged by anyone of the people claiming that their feelings were hurt but the police on their own, added 295- A (blasphemy law) in the FIR. This case was filed against 14 people including one Muslim. This disqualifies the case to be tried under terrorism laws.