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Gujranwala court forks over death sentences to two Christian blasphemy respondents


A Gujranwala court hands over capital punishment to two Christians who were being tried under the blasphemy charges. Those who have been convicted of blasphemy include a Muslim namely Jaffar Ali, the other two Christian convicts are Anjum Naz and Javaid Naz.

Pakistani Christians sentenced to death in blasphemy case

The three were hooked by the police in May last year. An FIR was registered against Anjum, Javaid and Jaffar on May 15, 2015. The FIR invoked Section 295-C and 386 under which the three of them were being tried by the court. In compliance with the FIR, Anjum Naz had informed the police that Jaffar Ali and Javaid Naz were blackmailing him, and abstracted 20,000 Rupees from him. Anjum claimed that Javaid and Jaffar were demanding another 50,000 Rupees from him.

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Followed by Anjum’ complain police investigated into the claims and found a blasphemous audio clip in Javaid Naz’ mobile phone, which he had shared with Jaffar also. Having Anjum’ audio clip in possession, Javaid and Jaffar were blackmailing him and trying to extract money from him.

Police maintained that Anjum Naz had uttered blasphemous sentences which were recorded by Javaid Naz. Consequently, three of them were arrested by the police, while the police digging deeper into the investigations found forensic evidences from the memory cards of the culprits’ mobile phones.

During the case hearing, the court heard 11 witnesses and considered the forensic evidence presented by the police. In the light of evidences and statements from the witnesses, the court pronounced three of them blasphemy convicts, and awarded them capital punishments. Javaid Naz and Jaffar Ali were sentenced to 35 years of imprisonment each along with death penalty.