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Gujranwala: Ferocious employer takes life of his 14-year-old Christian employee


14-year-old, Pakistani Christian boy namely Suleman Hadayat Maish brutally killed by his aggressive employer on May 8, Sunday. After Suleman’ death, his dead body was hanged in order to give an impression that the boy had committed suicide. The heinous incident took place in Chehl Kalan village in Gujranwala District.

Christian boy killed by his Muslim employer

Suleman’ dead body was found hanging on the stable at Noorpur, Chehl Kalan, Qila Didar Singh. Suleman used to work at this stable, which is owned by three Muslim men namely, Aurangzaib Bashir, Humayun Bashir & Jahangir Bashir. Aurangzeb, Jahangir and Humayun are brothers.

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Followed by the incident, CLAAS team visited the family of the Suleman Hadayat Masih, in order to find underlying facts of the incident was being reported as a suicide case. Suleman’ father Hadayat Masih has filed a police complaint against the three culprits who tried to manipulate the incident as a suicide. Police has registered an FIR No. 191/16 against an Aurangzaib Bashir, Jahangir Bashir & Humayun Bashir.

The facts finding team of CLASS met with et family of Suleman Hadayat, and found that Suleman was the elder son of the family. He had two sisters and two more brothers. Suelman’s father had worked as sweeper in Pakistan Army at Azad Kashmir, while his mother is housewife. In keeping with the CLAAS report, Suleman’ father wanted his son to learn any skill in order to earn and support his financially.

Haday Masih told that he sent his 14-year-old, son to Auragngzaib, because he believed that Suleman can learn horse keeping skills from him and so he can start working on his own in future. He said that his son was hard working and showed dedication to his work. Hadayat Masih further disclosed that Suleman was so much involved in his work that he chose to live day and night at the stable of Aurangzaib.

The three employers had come into an agreement with Suleman to tame the horses and teach them to dance on drum beats (as is a popular custom in Pakistani weddings). Before a week of his murder, Suleman went missing, Hadayat further shared. He said that Auranzaib informed him, that Suleman was not present at his work place. Meanwhile, Aurangzaib and Hadayat started searched for Suleman for a week but could not find him.

On May 7, Saturday, Aurangzaib informed Hadayat that he had got a clue of Suleman’ whereabouts. After this, Hadayat and Aurangzaib they went to Alam Chowk, which is about 20 kilometers away from Hadayat’ house and found Suleman there. They brought Suleman back, to his house where he met with his family and stayed at home for about an hour. Afterwards, Aurangzaib took him to the stable to resume his work.

While narrating the incident, Hadayat said that the following morning May 8, when he was passing by his son’ work place he heard screams and saw Aurangzaib, Jhangir and Humayun rushing out from the stable. When Hadayat went into the stable, he saw Suleman’ body hanging with ceiling. Hadayat said that he immediately called the police, and informed them about the incident while the Auranzaib, Jhangir and Humayun fled from the scene. The police arrived and took the dead body for a post mortem, after which it was handed over to the heirs for burial.

After meeting with the mourning family, CLAAS team visited local police station in Qila Didar Singh and met with the investigating police officer Muhammad Ameen. Muhammad Ameen shared that according to his investigations that among many other tasks Suleman, had to finish was feeding the horses. He went on to explain that while feeding horses Suleman wasted some hay (horses food), seeing this Aurangzaib lost his temper and in his aggression slapped Suleman so hard that he fell down. When he fell down his head hit something or probably ground and so Suleman received severe head injury and died on spot.

Auranzaib, Jahangir and Humayun hung his dead body in a manner so as to give an impression that the lad had committed suicide, and no one could get a hint of what actually happened. After Hadayt called the police, Aurangzaib Bashir and another man Khuram Baig were hooked for investigations while Jahangir and Humayum are on in-term bail.