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Gujranwala: Police tortured Liaquat Masih in order to make him confess false accusation from his employer


Christians in Gujranwala

A Pakistani Christian, who died because of brutal torture from police, was allegedly falsely accused by his employer.

Liaquat Masih who died in police custody, was working as a driver for Raza Hameed; son of Gujranwala’s famous leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s (PTI) S. A Hameed. It has been revealed that 47-year-old Christian was hooked by police on November 14, 2015; on charges of theft because his employed has accused him of theft.

Prior to this, thieves had broken into the house of Raza Hameed and had stolen gold; consequently, Raza Hameed suspected Liaquat of theft and so the police had hooked him. Liaquat was subjected to torture on daily basis, which caused severe physical torment to Liaquat.

Initially, Raza Hameed had lodged a police complaint against unknown perpetrators; however, later on he started suspecting Liaquat and started pressurizing police to torture him in order to make him confess theft. Subsequently, police also arrested 20-year-old son of Liaquat Masih, in order to torture him so that he would confess theft.

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Liaquat Masih was a devout Christian and had been elected as an “Elder” in his church, his family and friends reveal that Liaquat was a man of good character and was seen as honourable amongst his colleagues. His family alleges that Liaquat Masih had been falsely accused by Raza Hameed.

After he died in police custody, his dead body was handed over to his family on January 14; and the family members claim there were obvious marks of physical torture on the dead body. This incident has sparked indignation among the local Christians. Soon after the news spread, Christians staged a protest against the police and blocked the G.T. Road. Police had to disperse the crowd, by employing torture.

Reports are that as Liaquat died on January 13; police delayed in informing his family for more than 24 hours. This delay has caused great suspicion among the family which claims that the police was taking time to clear all the evidences that would suggest that Liaquat died of torture. On the other hand, Liaquat Masih had been laid to rest on January 15, and masses of Christians participated in his funeral services.