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Gujrat: A 120-year-old church vandalized by land mafia, authorities turn a blind eye


Pakistani church

A historic church vandalized by land mafia, which is allegedly working under the auspices of the provincial government.

Pakistan Christian Post reports that the District Coordination Officer (DCO) of Gujrat has allegedly smashed up a church building and its adjoining car parking area. This land was property of the church as well. This church, which had been vandalized, is a historic building. It is believed that the land mafia is eyeing to construct a car parking area around the church.

For the time being, Pakistan Christian Congress has strongly condemned the land grabbing scheme, and thus the Pakistan Christian Congress Central Secretariat has issued a press statement in which the party’s premier Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, has pressed upon the government of Punjab to straight away bring to a halt the illegal construction of car parking around the 120-year-old Church.

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Pakistan Christian Post alleges that, the government of Punjab is providing protection and is nurturing the land mafia which has grabbed the church property. Moreover, PCP claims that the provincial government is supported by some Christian elements and together, they have illegally grabbed many properties belonging to churches.

PCP also laments about the fact that the Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif has zipped his lips while the District Coordination Officer (DCO) of Gujrat who is under the CM’s authority is illegally grabbing the area surrounding the historic church and turning it in to a car parking area.

Further more, another prominent Pakistani Christian leader, J. Salik who is the Convener World Minorities Alliance and Former Federal Minister; has expressed great concern for the historic church. He said that this vandalizing the church is similar to desecrating it. He said that this is a condemnable act while the entire nation should stand up against it.

J. Salik sternly said that the DCO has blatantly violated the law and at the same time targeted the Christian community by treating their place of worship below the dignified level. He asserted that the DCO and others involved in this act should be punished on strict terms.