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Gujrat: A Christian girl narrowly escapes flying into the face of danger after blasphemy accusations


A Christian girl namely Sonia, barely escaped the horror of blasphemy accusation after she was accused of committing blasphemy by a Muslim lady. The incident took place in District Gujrat in Punjab province. However, the attempt to entangle Sonia in a blasphemy case was obstructed by an effective mediation by the local police officer who handled the situation in an appropriate manner.

Blasphemy cases against Pakistani Christians

In keeping with details, on May 16, Monday, a Muslim lady belonging to the Kumhar family heaped blasphemy accusations on Sonia claiming that she was sitting on a panaflex which was spread on the ground. The accuser said that Haji Muhammad was printed on the panaflex and by means of spreading the panaflex on the ground and sitting on it Sonia has committed blasphemy. Sonia who works sews clothes and the accuser is her client.

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The accuser in no time spread the rumor and gathered a large mob of Muslims including the area’ Islamic cleric and the mob marched towards the Christian respondents’ house. The situation became tense when the charged mob showed signs of reprisal and indignation.

Local SHO Ghulam Abbas arrived at the scene and intervened in order to settle the dispute. He called both parties in the police station and urged them to remain peaceful and carried out investigations and found Sonia innocent as the allegations were baseless.

Nonetheless, since blasphemy accusations are a serious issue in Pakistani society and generally extra judicial punishments are insisted for the persons accused, family of Sonia are still apprehensive. They fear possible revenge from the local Muslims. They have urged all the Christians to pray for security and safety of their daughter.