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Gujrat: Christian wage worker handed over to police over demand for lawful wages


Christian wage worker handed over to police after an out-of-key confrontation with his employer who showed reluctance to hand him his lawful wages. Sajid Masih resident of CHak Sada, Gujrat worked at a kiln of Muslim proprietor Chaudhary Azhar. After toiling, Sajid asked Chaudhary Azhar for his wages, who not only denied him the rightful wages but also handed him over to police.

Christian bonded slaves in Pakistan

Sajid Masih son of Mehar Masih demanded his dues in compliance with the wages fixed by the government. His demand miffed the proprietor, who registered a police complaint against him. Sajid was kept in police custody for three days, as he claims the police forcibly obtained his signatures on plain papers and compelled him to put his thumb impressions on some papers.

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However, Sajid was set free by the police once his signatures and thumb impressions were obtained. After his release, he remains apprehensive as he is now vulnerable to misuse of his signature and thumb impressions. With his back to the wall, Sajid is now rendered penny less and afluttered.

In his desperation, Sajid is urging the Federal Minister for Human Rights Kamran Michael to take note of glaring violation of human rights by the kiln owners. He is calling upon the Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif to help him out of the mire trouble, as he feels insecure after the police detention.