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Gulnar Gill Advocate high court- asking questions to Nouman Masih’s father


Gulnar Gill Advocate high court- asking questions to Nouman Masih's father

Interviewer: Gulnar Gull
Interviewee: Nadeem Masih (father of Nouman Masih)

Gulnar Gull: Nouman’s condition was not that bad the last time I took his statement. He was just burnt 55%. Then how did this happen?
Nadeem Masih: Nouman had undergone surgery and the doctors had told us that there is a 50-50% chance of his survival. We our self knew that there is a 50% chance. Surgery was necessary to stop the germs from spreading. That is why the doctor had told us that surgery is necessary. Rest is the will of God.

Gulnar Gull: I understand but the last time I recorded his statement he was in critical condition but it did not look like I will get the news of his death. Do you think there was some medical negligence or that he was not given proper medical care?
Nadeem Masih:No the doctors have done there job very well.

Gulnar Gull:That’s fine but why didn’t you call me last night to inform me about Noumans death?
Nadeem Masih:See a person who has lost his son is extremely depressed and how many phone calls should he make

Gulnar Gull:You know that he is not only your son; he is the son of our nation. We are raising our voices for him, because he has been experienced injustice.
Nadeem Masih:I have brought him up and I am so hurt since last night an am still hurting. I still have to take him home.

Gulnar Gull:I completely understand. First of all I would like to extend my condolences. Yes you have lost your son but a lot of questions have surfaced after his death. So now are you going to receive the dead body?
Nadeem Masih: Yes.