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Haiti’s Hurricane Matthew vexation: Christian charity group goes all out to succor the victims


A Christian charity group Compassion is going all out to succor the victims of Hurricane Matthew. The charity group is also urging all to pray for the victims as they are reeling from the catastrophe. Hurricane Matthew lashed Haiti’s southwestern coast with raging winds, relentless rain and surging storm.

Hurricane in Haiti

Compassion’s Director for Haiti, Guilbaud Saint has urged Christians all across the globe to pray for the victims who have been left desperately stranded by the jeopardy. “Pray in the God, who has control over the hurricane, slows it down, minimizes its threats, and keeps the nation safe.”

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At the same time he said that there is a growing need for relief products and funds. “Pray for enough provisions for the eventual victims and affected people. Pray for the Haitian government,” he urged. He went on to say “Pray for the authorities to make the right decisions to help the people who might be affected.”

Hurricane Matthew is the strongest storm which has hit Haiti in almost a decade- categorized as Category 4 hurricane sustained gushing winds of 145 mph at 7 a.m., the National Hurricane Center said. This was the first major hurricane to hit Haiti in last 50 years.

Marie Alta Jean-Baptiste, Director of Haiti’s Civil Protection Agency said that Hurricane Matthew has already inflicted and continues to inflict major damage on Haiti, nonetheless the extent of damage was not known immediately. “It’s much too early to know how bad things are, but we do know there are a lot of houses that have been destroyed or damaged in the south.”