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Hajj stampede: Death toll of Pakistani pilgrims reaches 36


hajj stampede incident

Death toll of Pakistani Hajj pilgrims killed in stampede rises to 36.

According to media reports, officials have confirmed that 36 Pakistanis died during the stampede at Minna during Hajj. On Sunday the new figure of the death toll was confirmed by the Religious Affairs Minister of Pakistan. The stampede which is said to be the worst Hajj disaster in a quarter of century has killed 769 in all.

Religious Affairs Minister Sardar Yousuf briefed media during a news conference that twelve Pakistani pilgrims who sustained injuries and were being treated in hospitals have now been discharged from hospitals after being treated. At the same time there are still several other Pakistanis who are still under treatment in Saudi hospitals. He confirmed that 36 Pakistanis had died during the stampede in Mina, on September 25.

Nonetheless, the exact number of Pakistanis injured or killed as a result of this stampede remains unclear. While reports keep pouring in, the Ministry of Religious Affairs has set up a list of the Pakistani pilgrims who have died or are injured as a result of the fatal stampede, which occurred at Minna during one of the last rituals of Hajj.

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On the other hand, there are still hundreds of Pakistani pilgrims who are missing. Unofficial reports claims some 300 Pakistanis are missing since the incident took place. The Saudi authorities are reluctant to give a proper figure in this regard. Conversely, the Pakistani religious affairs minister has claims that 161 of the Pakistanis who had been reported missing subsequently, returned to their hotels. The minister also affirmed that government is doing all it can to establish where the remaining missing Pakistani pilgrims are.

Contrary to these figure presented by the Saudi and Pakistani authorities, a British newspaper The Guardian that at least 236 Pakistani pilgrims perished as a result of the stampede. However, the Foreign Office is denying these claims. The Guardian further claimed that 131 Iranian, 87 Moroccans, 14 Indians, 14 Egyptians, 8 Somalians, 5 Senegalese, 4 Tanzanians, 4 Turkish, 3 Algerians, 3 Kenyans, 3 Indonesians, 1 Burundian and 1 Dutch were among dead.