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Hallelujah Band (PAK) also release important announcement over peshawar incident



We Team Hallelujah the band Request You All To Please join us as we change our Christmas Celebrations on Timeline Into “Pray For Pakistan” to show our Solidarity With The Little Ones who were Brutally Killed Today In Peshawar. Please Pray that this will not happen again in Pakistan! Keep these points in your daily Prayers Till we win the battle & to save the nation:

  1. Pray may God gve our Armed Forces power to destroy this inhumane organization.
  2. May Pakistan stand up again as a mighty nation governed by Peace.
  3. May God Always Protect Us, Our Families, Our Whole Nation From All These brutalities In Pakistan.
  4. May God Give Wisdom and knowledge To Our Government To Handle all ungodly acts that come against us.
  5. May God open the eyes and condemn those Who Are Supporting These Inhumane People For There Own Benefits.
  6. May God Finish These Terrorist Like He Did With Sodom and Gomorrah. Let justice and judgement be done against this reprobate murdering organization!

Our Father God said vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord and He will repay!!

We pray that our hearts become One as we pray For #Pakistan & For The Victory In Jesus Name. Amen!