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Harassment at Refugee Camp – Pakistani Christian Nadeem


Pakistani Christian Nadeem has shot a secret video footage of his life at a refugee camp in the Netherlands. The video narrates the harassment he faces on a daily basis.

The refugee camp he is living in is in Netherlands and Nadeem fled Pakistan to seek refuge. “We are here [in the Netherlands] for a simple life, a respectful life. And still we have the same problem as [we did in Pakistan],” Nadeem, 30, explained on video.

Many Muslims living in the camp are Syrian and Nadeem shares his rooms with a Muslim. After initial attempts to convince him about Islam, when Nadeem’s roommate failed, he changed his behavior.

The video transcripts in Dutch writing how Nadeem and an Iranian Christian friend are discriminated and even stopped from using the refrigerator as the meat they eat is not ‘halal’.

Non- Muslims are not allowed to go into the kitchen when Muslim residents of the camp have to offer prayers five times a day. Intolerance is displayed to Nadeem and other Christians in violent reactions even on petty issues.

Nadeem contacted relevant authorities regarding the issue but all they had to suggest was that it is a secular country and he can change his room. But the fact of the matter is even if it is a secular country, why are they being harassed for being Christians.

This is also due to an influx of Muslim refugees who now live in western countries.