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Harassment of Christian women draws a ripple of protest from Hyderabad’ Christians


Christians of Hyderabad protest against pestering and harassment of Christian women in Hyderabad’ neighborhood. The vexed Christians staged a protest in Saint Joseph’ Colony in Latifabad a neighborhood in Hyderabad. The harassment of Christian women of the hood, by some Muslim miscreants is alarmingly increasing.

Christian women persecuted in Pakistan

The miscreants identified as named Mohammad waheed, Mohammad Altaf, Mohammad Ismail, Mohammad Ramzan, Mohammad Shoukat, Mohammad Imran , Mohammad Rafique , Papu kana, Mohammad Akmal, Achhu, Mohammad Adnan and others are harassing Christian girls and women on daily basis.

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Christians revealed that students of Khatoon-e- Sulah Girls High school, Latifabad are being harassed and chased by these miscreants. The miscreants gather at a Filter Plant which is nearby the school and harass the Christian girls while they come or leave the school. Moreover, in addition to harassing school girls, these miscreants are chasing Christian women of the neighborhood.

Recently, the miscreants of the area broke into Vicky Nasir’ house who had allegedly tried to stop them from harassing Christian girls. The armed intruders started beating 24-year-old Vicky, moreover they started bashing his sisters. They attacked his mother also, and viciously tore his sister’ clothes. The Christian youth fired at the armed assailants, as they were torturing his sisters and brother-in-law and subjecting one of his sisters to sexual humiliation.

As a result of Vicky’ firing three of the miscreants were wounded, therefore an FIR No. 53/2016 under section 324, 147 and 148 PPC, was registered against him and his brother-in-law. Consequently, the police booked Vicky, Lavi Masih, Faryad Masih, Aslam Masih and Sona Masih. On the other hand, the accusers have fabricated false accusation against them saying Vicky and accomplices shot at them after they told Vicky not park his rickshaw in the plot nearby Filter Plant.