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Hate speech and lawlessness foster religious intolerance and sectarian violence says HRCP Secretary General


Lawlessness is the root cause of the religious intolerance and sectarian violence in the country explains the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP). Secretary General of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan I.A. Rehman was addressing a meeting on “Communities vulnerable because of their belief.”

Sectarian Violence in Pakistan

The meeting brought HRCP’ experts assembled at this occasion, while the main focus was various facets of sectarian strife in the country. The HRCP Secretary General said that hate speech and lawlessness are causing an upsurge in the sectarian violence in Pakistan. He said that thus far, the government has done nothing to curb this occurrence.

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He said that apart from making legislations, no substantial steps have been taken to resolve these issues. The laws that were chalked out have not been implemented, he said while adding that even though such laws are passed but there are people who misuse these laws.

This meeting was also attended by a representative of the Christian community. He told the attendees that the Christians are facing several issues; however they have interaction with other communities so that negotiations are carried out. “Best solution is to talk, resolve and finish any misunderstanding that starts developing.”

Syed Ali Ahmed Tariq a legal expert said that the word ‘minority’ should be expunged from the minds of the people, so that all citizens of Pakistan get equal rights. A representative of the Zikri community said, “We are only 3.5% of the total minorities in Pakistan, why does the majority fear us.” Practically no action is taken against those who harbor biased and negative attitude towards the religious minorities. “People are only killing Shias because of their religion,” a Shia representative said.