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Help Children Of Shahzad And Shamma


“We are innocent, we are innocent …..” they kept on crying out but there was no one to listen to them.

children of Shahzad and Shamma
children of Shahzad and Shamma

Shahzad and Shamma, already bruised, being dragged to the brick kiln; were screaming at the top of their voices as if they were aware how agonizing death awaits them. In few moments raging flames engulfed both of them while they were still alive and conscious. While the mob watches them being burnt in the fire chanted “death to the Christian infidels….”

Pakistani Christian couple Shahzad and Shamma were allegedly accused of committing blasphemy so they were “burnt alive” to death by a mob. Salman 5 year-old, Sonia 3 year-old and Poonum 1 year-old are now awaiting their parent not fully aware of the gruesome and tragic death their parents have died. With no substantial resources to live these three children are now helpless, no one to bare their expenses.

Let us extend kindness and love towards them. Let us do as much as we can for these traumatized and victimized children who do not know that their own lives may be at risk! Let us all remember them in our prayers and donate for these little children so they can continue to survive, get education and not live a life of poverty and slavery as their parents lived.

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